Hybrid Workplace Experience

Tailor work environment to your needs

A perfect solution to achieving a work-life balance – the flexibility to work from office or remotely. 

The Hybrid Workplace Experience Showcase demonstrates on how companies can implement the modern working  approach successfully. Step into the Hybrid Workplace journey where  technology and tools will be demonstrated to facilitate remote work, such as video conferencing software, collaboration tools, cloud-based systems, flexible workspaces and technology-enabled meeting rooms that facilitate collaboration between remote and in-office working method to enhance productivity, employee satisfaction, and cost savings. 

The comfort of your home, or a mix of both, the Hybrid Workplace Experience is the way to go!

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Pro Audio-Visual-Lighting

Immersive Projection Mapping Showcase

Transforming into an immersive experience

A live event showcases where technology is in action

Attendees are invited to join the live features utilises projection mapping to create a mesmerising and immersive experience.

Projection mapping can transform the space into a different environment, such as an underwater world, a fantasy realm, or a futuristic cityscape. Attendees could interact with the projection, creating a dynamic and engaging performance & experience. The showcase will feature a gallery of projection mapping installations and interactive exhibits, allowing attendees to explore and interact with the technology in different ways. 

The Immersive Projection Mapping Showcase – a unique and unforgettable experience that demonstrates the power of projection mapping to transform and enhance physical spaces.

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XR Production Live Showcase

The cutting-edge of XR content

Witness technology in action and experience how extended reality (XR) can open a world of new possibilities in creating seamless virtual events, and revolutionising the world of TV and film production. This showcase where visitors can explore and interact with the technology in different ways, and also experience how LEDs can elevate the gaming industry.

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